Yannell Rodriguez is a creative director and design strategist who works with founders looking to transform the world around them.

Currently, I’m helping build gifting platform,, I’m also a Creative Director at High Space and take care of dogs at In the past, I was the Creative Director at Plated (now sold) and was the VP of Design at Parachute Health.

Things that have happened

Early January, we ( launch something that we had been wanting to launch for nearly a year. We always wanted to enable people to send gifts even if they didn’t have an address on hand.

Check it out

In December, Token launches a way to connect with your contacts a little easier. Send a link to your important relationships to collect birthday and other important details.

Create your rolodex

Helping out the wonderful founders of Pivotte with a creative campaign shoot.

More to come

Working with my fav photographer and stylist to create a fresh new look for Token. Think sophisticated, classy, cinematic.

Check out some of the photos

User Research is always interesting. Doing a series of interviews to get a better understanding of gifting behaviors. Lots of generosity, didn’t realize the amount of gratitude that people have for each other. I need to integrate these gestures to my lifestyle.

More, more more.