Yannell Rodriguez — Creative Director and Design Strategist

I am a Creative Director and Design Strategist in New York City who works with purpose-driven brands looking to reimagine the world around them. I’m currently making design things at I used to be the VP of Design at Parachute Health and UX & Creative Director at Plated. I launched a business that connects dog parents to dog walkers called Dogstr and consult on the side under High Space. I’ve had the pleasure of defining, launching and evolving brands in a broad range of industries. Together, we can build the world we want to live in.

Select people I’ve worked with

Parachute Health — VP, Design

Came onboard right at the start of the company. Led naming exercise, brand positioning, brand identity, user research and product design.

Dogstr — Co-Founder & CEO

Launched a dog service to help dog parents seamlessly find dog walkers and caretakers.

Plated — UX & Creative Director

Built out a design team and cultivated a user-centered culture that supported both brand and product. Managed and directed design and research at all touchpoints of the brand. Launched a rebrand, commercial, iOS app, food truck, cook book, went from membership to subscription model, onboarding flows and frequent behavior change experiments.

Birchbox — UX Designer

First UXer at Birchbox. Helped define a scalable UX process. Helped integrated content and commerce, built out better personalization to enhance the subscription service, email flow redesign, onboarding flows and created a user research culture.

Refinery29 — Interaction Designer

Helped product team design editorial user experiences and integrated commerce into editorial. Also helped R29 Innovation Labs design experimental platforms.

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