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A human-centered approach.

Building a brand is a deliberate and calculated process. It’s a push and pull between design and science. It’s inspired by the anthropological decisions humans make. It’s evolutionary. It is both subjective and objective. It is art, science, engineering, operational and psychological. Brands grow through extreme vetting of assumptions. Push. Play. Experiment. Create something magical.

A human-centered process

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula. From startups to established brands, we work together to ensure that the right mechanisms are in place.

WORKSHOP – It starts with a conversation about what you need, what you don’t need and we design a plan custom fitted for you.

RESEARCH – At the heart of the process is discovery where we identify transformational opportunities.

GOAL SETTING – We establish goals and feedback loops to ensure we’re moving on a path towards success.

EXECUTE – This is when the magic happens. This is where ideas come to life.

PARTY – We work towards the launch of the project and celebrate our wins.

Ways we can work together

Your project can be as comprehensive or simple as you like. We work within your construct to design impactful solutions.

Naming Workshop
Brand System
Creative Direction
Campaign Photography
Digital Experiences

Product Design
User Interface Design
Onboarding Flows
Lean Workshops
Customer Development

What people have said

“Right and Left brained, Yannell Rodriguez brings not only valuable direction to the creative process, but insightful analysis to campaign strategy. She expertly balances the tricky line of accommodating exactly what you want in a project, with pushing it further, resulting in an even stronger, more distinctive concept.
Yannell listens carefully, researches diligently, brainstorms collaboratively and fine tunes ideas until the ultimate and strongest solution to a problem emerges.

I had the pleasure of working with her on a demanding photoshoot – the goals of which were not small. Our team wanted to get versatile photos that could be used across platforms in a variety of ways, all while maintaining the integrity of a cohesive campaign. She developed a concept that we loved, and provided art direction that took us in direction that we were excited about. We are in love with the results!

In addition to being talented and skilled – Yannell is a team player. On set, she switched between putting together furniture, checking lighting, and adjusting other creative elements. She is friendly, witty, and just fun to be around – creating a very positive environment that fuels collaboration and productivity. I can’t wait to work with her again!”

Evelyn Frison
Co-Founder | Pivotte

“Yannell is one of the best early stage design and UX people in NYC, and probably the world. She understands how to tear a brand down to the studs, and rebuild it in a beautiful and customer-centric way. She can fill in for a dozen people, and will role up her sleeves to deliver whatever the business needs. She’s also a ton of fun to be around :-)”

Nick Taranto
Co-Founder | Plated

“There are few people who come into an organization and positively shake up the company dynamic. As an early starter at Plated, I was curious – if not hesitant – about what a UX person would do to our working structure.

But Yannell truly shaped our team and culture for the better, and influenced the organization to start asking a very valuable question that we often sped past: “Why?”

Looking forward a couple years, she built a highly talented and functional team of graphic and product designers – Yannell’s mentorship and coaching of this team will be formative in their careers and in Plated’s branding. Her design-focused eye, charming wit, and quick smarts were truly an honor to work with, and her positive impact on not only our site design and flow, but also our conversion rates were beyond pivotal in Plated’s growth.

Could not recommend her more highly.”

Emily Grant
Marketing Manager | Plated

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