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Yannell Rodriguez

Yannell Rodriguez - Creative Director

I am Creative Director and Design Consultant who focuses on brand strategy, organization and product innovation. I dream. I believe in pushing and moving forward. I’m an advocate for major innovative leaps in technology. There are times when I’ll be knees deep in analytical data and there are times when I’ll get my hands dirty to paint and setup photo scenes. I believe design can change the world.


Things that I’ve been thinking about lately

Food, Logistics, Feeding the World

Society is changing, food production morphing, expectations increasing, accessibility needed. How do we mass scale nutrition when only 1% of the world’s population are responsible for supplying it. How do we empower technology? Can streamlining the pipes help?

Cities, Transporations, Systems, Intersections

It’s been more than a decade since I drew my first sketch of a redesigned modern city. With the ever evolving technologies, societal values and increase in political agendas, what would happen if we were to redesign a city– from scratch? Would we even build structures the same? How would transportation work? Moving beyond linear thinking and into systems and networks, chances are that our cities would be incredibly different. What ever happened to the Venus Project?

Creative Direction, Paradigms, Influence

This one… this I struggle with daily. As startups increase, the role of a creative director has changed enormously. Growing up, I would awe at the visionaries who could influence and inspire a population toward something new and fresh. Our current startup leadership frameworks position the creative director as nothing but a creative manager, someone who can inspire consistency to a brand language that was constructed by some poorly done market study. How do we bring back visionaries? How do we empower risk takers? How do we award those who challenge the status quo?

Healthcare, Policy, Morés

Growth and innovation are dear to me. Without these, our world cannot progress and move forward. Healthcare seems to be stuck in this world between needing to progress and not having the frameworks to do so. I work at a healthcare startup that faces these tensions every single day – sometimes, the challenges are incredibly drastic.

Organizations, Frameworks, Scale

Having spent most of my career working at startups, I’ve seen a variety of organizations. I’d like to start changing the conversation on what great leadership is and should be. Too often we put emphasis on characteristics that don’t actually have a direct correlation to the business or culture. Let’s focus on processes and frameworks that empower personal and business growth.